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Jun, 2021

Letters to Wolverines


·        For any pictures/videos posted make sure it meets Pop Warner quality before posting it. Secondly, I am asking that all pictures associated to the Wolverines have #GOBLUE616 on it. It is something simple that can gain ALL the kids exposure.

·         Spring season has ended! We are transitioning into fall football. Our focus has switch from flag football to tackle football which means drills, practices, plays, level of intensity (probably not capable of going much higher) will all be steadily changing. The one thing that will always remain the same is our philosophy of conditioning both the body and the mind by trying to create the most adverse and tough environment for the kids to be in. With this the kids are forced to rely on each other, leaders are required to lead others through, the body adapts, and the level of mental fortitude increases for all kids, which will be something that they can use through the rest of their lives. Please remind kids of the simple rules to be a Wolverine. 1- NO WALKING & 2 – Give nothing but your best, not someone else’s best but YOUR BEST!

·         June 14th – June 18th will be a full week of practice! We will practice Monday- Friday from 6-7:30pm. This will end our practice until July 5th. Please enjoy your break and allow the boys to have fun without any practicing or sports.

·         Helmets – It is STRONGLY recommended that helmets are ordered by the next order date. I will process the next helmet ordered on June 19th. With the processing and the continually running out of shells to make helmets it is recommend that we take care of this sooner than later. For the people who have already bought helmets they have recently just went into production as Riddell had ran out of shells to make new helmets and the timeframe for completion is 4-6 weeks. But I have put a hold on the account for them not to be shipped for two reasons. 1-To combine the shipping cost to the upcoming order which makes shipping cheaper for the program. 2- there is a potential I can use some of the money you paid for your helmet to put towards your fall registration fees. I applied for a USA Football grant and if I get the grant, I will divide it by the number of people who already ordered helmets and put that money towards your fall registration.  Helmets are 135.00.

·         Fall fees - If you have not already paid for the fall season it must be done prior to July 5tth which is when the fall season will officially start.

·         Because of the way our past seasons has been affected by parents not following through with their commitment in the past (not having enough kids on a team to compete according to the rules) and an increased opportunity to be attractive to sponsors we will be adding a few policies this fall. 1- PRACTICES ARE MANDATORY. Missing a practice (without advance notice and a reasonable cause) will result in a 10.00 fine that must be paid at the end of the week. Fines must be paid before the player can return the next week. This is to encourage 100 percent practice attendance as it affects the entire team when we must reteach and retrain something that was already taught. We recently lost on 12U in the regional championship the game to go Disney and we had less than 60 percent practice attendance all week. That will never happen again. 2- All players will be required to wear TEAM GEAR to practice. With the fall registration there will be some type of gear giving to kids, spring participants have custom compression gear, practice jerseys will be supplied but anything further must be purchased by the parent. An order form will be available weekly starting June 14th. Orders will be taken through Thursdays and be submitted weekly on Fridays. 3- WATER BOTTLES ARE MANDATORY.

·         The Fall schedule: be prepared for 4 days of practice for Mitey Mite and above. Tiny Mites will practice 2-3 times. The fall schedule will be posted at least two weeks before the first day of practice (July 5th). The schedule will be valid through the entire summer, until we get closer to school which it will change once more to reflect/respect school hours.

·         Because of the spring season ending unexpectedly we want to reward the boys! A few parents have suggested that we all attend Michigan Adventures on Saturday June 26th for a fun team bonding event. Group tickets to Michigan adventures is 31.00 if we have a minimum of 25 people going. If you plan to attend it is MANDATORY that you rsvp by Wednesday June 16th. However, the money could be paid as late as Monday June 21st.

·         Parent meeting on Friday June 11th.

Lastly, I want to update everyone on the current status of the league. We came into this season with the expectation that EVERY game would be local. However, that has changed based on our opponents. There must be at least 4 rule abiding associations, with insurance, and proper books for that to happen. I am not sure if that will still happen, but to secure our season I have requested to be an independent team which will play teams in other leagues to fill a regular season schedule. No, it is not a covid year and Michigan can host football games. Therefore, be prepared to travel half of the season if the local league does not work out. Furthermore, I want to take this time to thank all parents who have been supporting their child through the spring season. It was our first time ever having a spring season, but I truly felt the boys represented our program very well in the two weeks of games and I look forward on seeing them making some noise in the region this year. Any questions or concerns please contact me or save them for the meeting on Friday June 11th.  

With love,

Coach Keith
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